The role of the picture frame is important, suggesting nationality, country and provenance of a painting. Over the years paintings have often been successively reframed and may no longer be in a frame of the appropriate style, country or quality. A poorly framed picture detracts from its appreciation and value.

Wiggins advises museum curators, private collectors, art consultants and the art trade on framing paintings in historically appropriate frames with reference to the Wiggins Frame Archive and extensive stock of frames.

Framing ideas can be demonstrated in the Wiggins shop, showing selected frames with the art work, or montaging images of frames and painting if the picture is not available.

When deciding between an antique and a reproduction frame availability and budget are considerations. Antique frames can either be adapted to fit a painting or reproduced.


Antique Frames


The antique frame evokes a period and style through its ornament and patinated gilding and decorative surface. When well matched with a painting, the antique frame adds context and defines the importance, period and origin of a picture.

The Wiggins stock of antique frames is a comprehensive and diverse library of models. It includes styles from the 15th to the 20th century, from the largest gallery frames to fine cabinet frames and artists’ frames.  Continually being added to the stock is active and relevant to today’s art market.