Antique Frames

The Wiggins stock of antique frames is large and comprehensive ranging in date from the 15th to the 20th century and in size from the largest gallery frames to the finest cabinet frames.

From the extensive stock of European antique picture frames of all periods we are able to suggest antique frames for paintings and works on paper.

Reproduction Frames

A painting may require a specific frame pattern unavailable as an antique. Using the Wiggins antique frame stock and Frame Archive a historically appropriate frame model is researched to reproduce.

The reproduction frame is made from a section drawing after careful observation of the antique frame. The traditional skills of joinery, carving & gilding, staining & polishing are employed to make the frame.


Mirror Frames


Wiggins holds in stock interesting frames for mirrors.


Frame Restoration

Frames can be enhanced by sensitive restoration. The carved and gilded surface of the picture frame is delicate and vulnerable and is likely to have suffered over the course of time. Wiggins are able to undertake carving and gilding repairs whilst respecting the original surface and the integrity of the frame.


Mounting, Fitting & Conservation

The frame protects a painting when fitted using conservation materials. The back of the frame can be built out to accommodate a protective backboard and where appropriate fitted with low reflective and UV protective glazing.

Works on paper are fitted into the frame using conservation materials and low reflective, UV protective glazing which preserve and protect the art work.

When framing works of art, the need for conservation can be apparent. Wiggins refer to experts in painting and paper conservation for advice.


Frame Archive

The Wiggins Frame Archive is an active and growing database documenting paintings framed in historic frames, especially those that are original to paintings. This is a valuable resource for collection care and advising on framing.


Frame Surveys of Public & Private Collections

A survey of the framing of a collection identifies frames that are historically important, those that require restoration and pictures that would benefit from reframing. Michael Gregory has carried out frame surveys for both public and private collections worldwide.